HUNGAMA: (n.) chaos; heat; excitement

Described as an ‘Indian Studio 54’, HUNGAMA (Hindi for 'Chaos' or 'Lit’) has created a space for South Asian Queers to express their individuality. The night has collaborated with international DJs and creatives and everyone wants to come (and everyone is invited!) London’s youngest creatives and influencers in Fashion, Art and Music have been seen enjoying the sounds of Bollywood and celebrating the future of diversity and music.

Merging Bollywood into Fashion and Art and fusing Club Culture into activism, Lanji has transformed from the role of a Curator into an undeniable cultural vanguard and voice in the POC and LGBTQ+ community.

HUNGAMA has been featured internationally and played festival line ups globally with appearances in Mumbai, France, Copenhagen, USA and more. 

HUNGAMA has been featured in BBC, Dazed, Gay Times, Attitude Magazine, Bricks Magazine, Guardian and more. 

"Somewhere between a rave and an act of resistance, Hungama is the UK’s first LGBTQ+ Bollywood club night. Its founder is Canadian-born, Curator RYAN LANJI, who is using his spotlight to raise awareness about attitudes to sexuality prevalent in South Asia." 

-Another Man Magazine

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“ What began as a party at The Glory pub in Haggerston, has since evolved into a freewheeling celebration of out, proud and inclusive queer Asian culture.”

- iD Magazine

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